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‘Hoaxes about Eurocrats or How they Really live in Brussels’

Organized by Brussels for Europe and Brussels Academy

“European Civil Servants don’t pay taxes”, “Eurocrats have their own exclusive tax-free shops”, “The budget of the EU is enormous and most of it is spent on high salaries”.
“Eurocrats” are pampered, arrogant and their presence has destroyed whole neighborhoods in Brussels”,….
Myth or reality? Truth or lies?

Prof. Philippe Van Parijs (UCL) will animate a lively interaction with a panel of 5 European civil servants and the public.
The discussion will deconstruct stereotypes on the European presence in Brussels and inform the public on how European civil servants really live in Brussels…

The discussion will deal with three questions:

1. Stereotypes about “Eurocrats”, personal priviledges (holidays, salaries, pensions, personal car with driver, taxes…), arrogant, pampered…
2. Stereotypes about the institutions, budgets, undemocratic procedures, fraud…
3. Stories about their participation in Brussels civil society

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